Scopic comes with Biotherm Homme, world leader in premium men’s skincare, to confirm its innovative approach for the international launch of The Dose.

To promote The Dose, 84.Paris uses cutting-edge technology to offer never-seen-before 360° interactive experience which lets users live through the eyes of Youri Zoon, worldwide kitesurfing champion, as he performs gravity defying stunts.

The #TakeYourDose campaign features a subjective 360 VR video of Youri Zoon performing awe inspiring kitesurfing stunts. For the first time in skincare and thanks to innovative technology, men can feel how it is like to live like a world-class champion. The experience uses all the latest technologies to offer immersive and interactive experience for every devices (computer, tablet, mobile) with specific versions for experimental technologies using VR headset such as Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR - making action much more exciting and interactive.