For EPIX, a VOD streaming service co-founded by Lionsgate and Paramount Pictures, Scopic shot 360 videos for their new series Berlin Station. This footage was used to create a unique interactive 360 website to promote their new series.

The production truly a cinematic one: the VR footage was shot on the same key locations as shown in the series, meaning large crews, actors, dressed sets, and so on. Not only did this production emphasize VR’s cinematic potential, but it clearly showed how immersive 360° video content can play a creative part within a marketing strategy. 

The award-winning experience was built with our interactive video partner, WIREWAX. Their unique technology allows any person or object inside a 360 sphere to become interactive with motion-tracked hotspots that turned a character, car or poster in the video into a touch-point where viewers could discover more and uncover secrets around the anticipated new drama. See how it looks below, or visit yourself.